About Identity Fraud

Reports of Identity Fraud are doubling year on year. Criminals are engaging in complex identity fraud schemes that are leaving record numbers of victims in their wake. It will cost us time and money, ruin our credit and destroys our good name. Victims may even be arrested for crimes they did not commit. Identity Theft may be the only crime for which the victims are presumed guilty until they can prove their innocence.  No one is immune to Identity Theft. It spans the spectrum from young to old, rich to poor and  throughout all levels of society.


Identity Theft occurs when someone steals a victim’s personal information. Personal information and identities are stolen using multiple techniques.  The most common means of Identity Theft are mail diving, dumpster diving, shoulder surfing, phone solicitation, lost or stolen wallets, phishing, data breach.


Identity Fraud is a high impact crime and occurs when criminals access credit accounts, open any type of new account, take out a loan, rent an apartment, access bank accounts or commit many other crimes using the victim’s identity. Since it often involves no discernible physical theft, Identity Theft and the fraud committed with it are often not noticed until several months later and after significant financial, personal and emotional losses.

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Key areas in Identity Management


Raise awareness by providing low-threshold and user-friendly tools that help protect personal data.


Monitoring personal information is one of the best, highly effective and most affordable early detection and deterrence systems for Identity Fraud.


Single-point-of-contact for reporting and recovery assistance.

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To make Social Impact by co-creating state-of-the-art Identity Management Tools for all stakeholders

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Identity Management Tools

Identities are the new currency on the Dark Web. We therefore need to protect our personal data in order to Prevent that identities are confiscated. State of the Art Password Management and ID sharing Solutions are easy to use and will substantially contribute to your protection.

Identity Monitoring Tools

Victims of identity fraud generally only discover that they have fallen victim when they start receiving fines, seizures or other types of correspondence that one would not expect. With help of our innovative Identity Monitoring Tools one can minimize or prevent damage by Recognising fraud before or on the point of happening.

Victim Assistance & Recovery Service

Direct access to the designated institutes is key in an effective Recovery process.

Research & Reports

When information is channelled, it provides opportunities to do both research and data analytics.

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